Buy The Best of Wellington

Buy The Best of Wellington

A cracking little guide to all that is great about the world’s coolest little capital … quirky and incisive … an essential companion. Who else would warn you to give the bucket fountain a wide berth to avoid soaking your trousers? … worth every one of the $28 – Dominion Post


If you want to buy the capital’s only independent, best-selling guidebook, you’re in the right place! It’s only 28! 

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Wellingtonians have the strongest, most shapely calf muscles in the country. [page 2]

[The weather] Like parents are with children – we can moan about Wellington’s weather until the cows come home, but don’t take too kindly to criticism from others. Expect to hear the locals frequently proclaim You Can’t Beat Wellington on a Good Day! [page 48]

[Garage Project’s 91 Aro] The hot rods of the valley’s Garage Project craft brewery shrewdly redirect their tasting room tyre kickers over the road to their 91 Aro taproom. Long and narrow – more suited to a small bundle of Bambinas than a stack of Ford Transits – what it lacks in passing room it makes up for with super street-style and 20 taps pouring GP brews at the optimum temp and pressure. Beer geek heaven for those with a molelike disregard for natural light. [page 176]

[City cycling] The city’s topography offers a few challenges. Let’s call them hills. But these are only really an issue on the way up. [page 185]

[Breaker Bay] Swimming not advisable. Hypothermic nudists. [page 87]

[Cuba St Play area] There’s little more to this than the plastic fantastic tuataratastic slide, but who else has got one of these? And is that the aroma of coffee I can smell? [page 97]

[Carlucci Land] Wellington’s wackiest attraction, this 18-hole mini-golf course has shocking lines, very dodgy astroturf, and rough-as-guts rough. But it is also packed with crazy stone and metal sculpture, which will boggle the minds of most who dare venture in. [page 93]

[Wellington Airport] Experience the excitement of Wellington air! [page 189]

[National Library] If you’re expecting bespectacled librarians giving you the shush while shelving quarter-bound books on dusty shelves, think again. Aotearoa’s national library is super-groovy, scintillating and committed to digital. The stylish cafe also does cheap scrambled eggs. [page 28]

[swimming Cook Strait] The honours for the fastest ever crossing remain with Casey Glover who in 2008 knocked the feat off in choppy conditions in an amazing 4 hours, 37 minutes. The then twenty-one year old from Lower Hutt said at the end that he felt ‘cold and stuffed’. Yeah, but at least he didn’t get attacked by killer jellyfish, because you can, right? [page 84]

[coffee] The city’s passion, nay obsession, is coffee. It doesn’t matter how many times we ask ourselves whether Wellington really needs another espresso joint, the answer is always yes. [page 138]

[Akatarawa Forest] This forest is the location of the Karapoti Classic, and if you haven’t heard of that, it’s probably for the best (although not everyone gets choppered out with a broken collar bone). [page 65]

[Kapiti Island] This is a very rare opportunity to spot the Little Spotted Kiwi. To have one blindly stumble over your foot – in the pitch dark, in the bush – is a little bit of magic you’ll never forget. We haven’t. [page 73]

[mountain biking] No prizes for guessing why mountain biking is so popular here! [78]

[The Malthouse] It can get musky, a bit lusty, loud and slightly cross-eyed, but a sesh at the Malthouse usually guarantees a good time. [page 167]

[Lyall Bay] Lyall Bay is also a primo spot to walk the dog, and watch planes landing into a strong northerly. (Be sure to YouTube ‘Wellington Airport landings’ – hilarious!) [page 87]

[local birdlife] Few of the world’s capitals can boast such a triumphant dawn chorus, and a passionate community of conservationists must take the credit for it. [page 76]

[Makara Golf Course] Rumpty in places with unpredictable greens and equally unpredictable wildlife, the course is otherwise totally playable and its relative shortness makes for effortless golfing – the way all golf should be! ‘The epitome of casual Kiwi golf,’ says Lee. ‘No barbecues and gumboots,’ say the management. [page 99]

[Patricia’s Pies] Don’t be psyched out by the greedy-guts-sized pie – one person can definitely handle the jandal.’ [page 161]

More a big village than a ritzy capital, Wellington inspires fervent loyalty and brims with community spirit. It breeds random smilers, direction offerers and bus-driver thankers. It’s got a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of soul – and no matter how long you stay here, we’re sure you’ll share in it. [page 1]