Let’s Go Camping

Let’s Go Camping

‘Sarah Bennett and Lee Slater made me want to pack the car to bursting point and head off …’ Tom Cardy, Dominion Post

We researched and wrote this book over the summer of 2008/2009 during an epic 20,000-kilometre road trip where we camped from Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga) to Motupōhue (Bluff). Okay, maybe not quite Bluff … we were still camping in a tent in those days.

The result was a shake down – as the sub-title states – of ’66 great places to pitch your tent or park your van, and what to do when you get there’ (yes, one of the longest sub-titles ever, but we were hardly inclined to scrimp on specifics after all that effort).

The book was really well received, having been co-published by Random House and the AA, and printed in what is a improbable print run for New Zealand – 12,000 copies.

We still spend a good four months each year camping, although now we luxuriate in the ‘Hilton Hiace’ (pictured above) instead of roughing it in the duct-taped two-man tent. Why we didn’t upscale sooner we’ll never know. (Oh yeah, we were younger and tougher back then …)

Our remains our fantasy to embark on a second edition … we haven’t ruled it out.

‘When the weather is fine, nothing beats a holiday in a tent. When it rains or blows, it can be the last place you want to be. Let’s Go Camping brings back the enthusiasm. Sarah Bennett’s arguments for indulging in this Kiwi tradition left me running off to a sports shop to pick up a tent for our family for Christmas instead of the usual toys and things that break in just a few days. We live in such a beautiful country and I feel like I’ve missed out on exploring it via camping. Now I can’t wait to get out there and experience it first hand, and to reconnect with our environment on a more personal level.’ Anthea Walford, Next magazine.