New Zealand Cycle Trail Instagram

New Zealand Cycle Trail Instagram

‘I’m old enough to remember when a social network was called a school playground.’ Chris Geiger

Jeeze, Chris Geiger! Talk about showing your age!

In attempt to appear current and employable, we took to Instagram like ducks to mud a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

When we suggested to the New Zealand Cycle Trail that they needed an Instagram feed and that we could curate it, we were thrilled when they agreed that we could do it. Along with many other keen users, we’d been tagging #NZCycleTrail & #NgaHaerenga since the trail network’s inception, so it has been great to have the opportunity to help grow this channel.

Sharing photos from our own cycling adventures and those of fellow bikers and the trails themselves, this feed now features hundreds of posts to whet the appetites of hardcore mountain bikers and novice riders alike. Regrams by the likes of Lonely Planet and regional tourism organisations have reached tens of thousands of people.

We’ve also helped individual New Zealand Cycle Trails set up or hone their own Instagram accounts, including the @WestCoastWildernessTrail and @Alps2Ocean.

Please tag @NZCycleTrail or use #NZCycleTrail for a feature – we’d love to see where you’re riding! #PedalOn!