NewstalkZB guest slot

NewstalkZB guest slot

For four years – 2013–2017 – Sarah had a guest slot on Tim Fookes’ NewstalkZB morning show, reviewing a new Wellington cafe, restaurant or bar every three weeks or so. In the final year or thereabouts – before Tim headed away to Australia – Sarah got a tad bored of talking about food, drink, decor and service, so switched to talking about general Welly recreational news and views instead.

Sadly, no audio archives survive.

Athough she has a great face for radio, Sarah declined an offer to continue on HDPA’s show on the basis that her frequent travels mean she struggles to make scheduled studio dates.

Sarah still loves a bit of radio, however – and has done ever since she sang the ‘Pizza-to-You’ (Free Delivery)’ jingle on RadioActive in the early 1990s – and is always up for a bit of a chat over the airwaves.

Until next time, over and out.