The New Zealand Tramper’s Handbook

The New Zealand Tramper’s Handbook

A veritable goldmine  The Waikato Times

Everything you need to know to stay safe and have fun … Yes – fun. You better believe it, ‘cause we mean it. So much that we’ve written two editions of this little feller.

The idea for this book came after our return from the UK in 1999. Exploding on to New Zealand’s tramping tracks like we’d been cooped up on the Tube, we wondered why there was no ‘101’ info for folks new to such adventures. We were already experienced trampers, but many people we met were clearly not. Carrying five litres of Evian on the Milford Track? Yeah, nah. A copy of the Da Vinci Code, too? Not that either. How about a little Cascade Saddle side-trip in jeans and jandals? Okay, that didn’t really happen, but it could.

And so was born Don’t Forget Your Scoggin, published by Craig Potton Publishing in 2007. The second edition, fully revised and re-named The New Zealand Tramper’s Handbook came out in 2010, also published by CPP.

Sarah Bennett and Lee Slater are the sort of people you’d be glad to have on any tramp.  Kia Ora, Air New Zealand magazine

Kia ora, Kia Ora! We’re so pleased our joie de vivre translated into the pages, because we were certainly feeling the love. As we still do. Few things make us happier than going bush.

Such advice could be a dry topic, but this book cleverly spices up the project management side of tramping and makes you want to head for the hills. Demystifying the New Zealand back-country culture, it makes tramping accessible and even cool … Bennett & Slater’s advice could prevent many new trampers from making mistakes and learning the hard way.  Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand Bulletin